Sunday, March 8, 2015

Shot Down

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Howard Snyder, brought not just another story to light. The author gave an honest and a very interesting and different perspective into what it was like to be a pilot of a B-17, dubbed the Flying Fortress. The set-up of the narrative, the openness and the details of the time was quite fresh and new to me. The details about the planes and military life never bored me and I never lost my interest, in fact I become more interested in WW2. It helped me to understand the era and I felt like I could easily place myself alongside a typical American pilot experiencing a not so typical war.

I especially appreciated that the author wrote his book in a revealing way without being vulgar, coarse or full of gore. I like to hear about what happened "over there" but I can become quite squeamish with an author's mishandling of the topic. I found Steve Snyder handled all the afore mentioned items with much delicacy.

The end and the acknowledgements were just the right touch and feel that I like in a book. Not often do I read acknowledgements in a book, I wanted more insight into the journey of this author and the legacy that was left to him by his father. Certainly well worth the read.

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