Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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* I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley to review.

How do I start? My goodness this book was a mind twister and I don't mean in a bad way but in a good way! I am a Christian who feels reluctant to declare to be one because of the bum rap that we Christians have been dealt with. I don't blame the world of non-believers because basically I understand the reaction and feelings. Anymore I cringe and shake my head equally of what I see in the world  <i>and</i> within the ranks of my Christian brothers and sisters.
This book is about judgment and how we, as Christians have failed royally and shamefully in that area. We are called to first love God and then love our neighbor which I feel means <i>everybody</i> regardless of color, beliefs or sexual orientation. This book outlines in detail that call to love and not to judge. We as Christians have taken on such a judgmental stance so much so that most people hate us and want nothing to do with the "love" that we are suppose to show and hand out.

This book will do a number on how you view your fellow man and woman and unearth hidden and not so hidden attitudes and judgments. The author starts out with a scenario of his judgment in a given day. I related to that immediately. To be human is to be judgmental and I feel that it is an innate trait within us. The author explores this tendency to judge. Be prepared to have you look sincerely and honestly with yourself and a "religiosity" that is often solidly intact in all of us. He hit upon so many points that I think the Christian community needs to hear and to think about. If you are a rigid, severely conservative, self righteous Christian, be prepared to have a few of your hard earned ideals thrown out of joint!
Here is a quote from the book that resounded within me:
<i>"let us live as a true aroma of Christ instead of a stench or fume of brimstone. If it is Christ in us, if God is making His appeal through us, then why do we keep trying to protect our image and our values? We should instead be image bearers and let people be with us so they can pick up on our values. May wisdom be proved right! May the church come alive! And may you live with Jesus." </i>

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